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Bro-night is a night when a group of male friends get together to do something in the intentional absence of women.

This is typically undertaken by a group of friends who are all in committed relationships, and wish to get away from womanly things, and eat pizza with their dude friends.
P1: Hey fella's bro-night is this tuesday, ditch ya bitch and come get some pizza.

P2: Uh sorry guys, I have to go to bed bath and beyond with my girl so we can pick up some lavender bath soap.

P3: Fuck that shit dude, bro-night is man-datory. You'll be there, and you'll be drinking fucking whiskey.

P2: You knnow what? Fuck yeah, I'll be there! Bro night!

P1: Bro nght!

P2: Bro night!
by Bro-bono March 15, 2011

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A social gathering, typically involving alcohol and/or marijuana, in which women are strictly forbidden.
Kyle: Ay bro, empty house this weekend!
Joe: Oh damn, are you inviting that chick over?
Kyle: No way! I was going to call up the bros for an epic bro night. I was thinking we'd get drunk and moon cars on Sunset Blvd.
Joe: Let's do it!
by Man of Gold December 18, 2011
A night where a bunch of bros hang out at one or all of their houses. It's not a true bronight without some ganja.
That was a crazy bronight!
by Reawr August 05, 2010