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Any guy that exhibits Bro "qualities" such as hyper-masculinity, a penchant for cheap beer, and talking about "pussy" constantly. However, unlike the full-fledged Bro, Bro-lites lack muscle mass, usually study majors in math and science, attempt to display the emotionless facade of Bros (who can't comprehend more than what their dick is feeling) but fail, have a lackluster experience with women, and (while they do wear boat shoes) do not wear backwards hats or shutter shades.

Quick definition: a Bro-mobile ran a red light (as usual) and crashed into a well-styled Metro(sexual)bus, and their baby was the Bro-lite.

Displays a penchant for Ralph Lauren polos/sweaters, but not for sports jerseys. Enjoys wearing blazers with khakis and ironic bow ties.
Tom: "Hey that's such a bro over there!"
Dan: "Nah, that's just a Raffi; he's totally Bro-lite, and he goes to NYU!"

Gabe: "Your friend Rick talks like a total Bro, but he studies engineering and has the frame of a teenager."
Chris: "Oh, that's because he is Bro-lite!"
by MegaGabe September 27, 2013
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adj. demonstrative of general courtesy towards other bros.
If you're going to a bro's house party, you should bring a few beverages to share with the rest of the bros. It's the brolite thing to do.
by chunky November 13, 2009
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