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When your friend starts being hostile/insulting for no apparent reason; taking their anger out on you; starting a fight over nothing.
Friend 1: Stop being such a dumbass.
Friend 2: What's with all the bro-fire man?

Friend 1: I can't believe you like watching golf, you pussy.
Friend 2: Dude, knock of the bro-fire.

Friend 1: Man, what was with Jeff last night? He was being such a dick.
Friend 2: I know! Total bro-fire all night, it was ridiculous.
by Major Broseph August 28, 2009
An offshoot of the more traditional bonfire, a brofire is when a group of bros gather around a fire and do fun things.
Dude I'm feeling a brofire in the near future. That last one had me feeling fantastic, and I was on the verge of tears from the vibe we had going.
by mmolloy41 May 04, 2011