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Noun. A conversion among two or more very close Bros. Usually having to do with Sexual troubles pertaining to the opposite gender. When a bro-co is in progress time itself stops for this holy co-operation of men.
Max: Whats up?
Ryan: I need a bro-co.
*Time stops*
Max: What ales you my brethren?
by HoneybadgerMax June 27, 2013
3 0
Deep convo between bros
Your sister in law lights u and your brother in law up and storms out of the room saying ," fuck you, you two can have your bro co but I'm fuckin outta here!"

Oh man! Matt fucked that chick! she gave me crabs. This is gonna be an awkward bro co.
by midge nasty November 03, 2012
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Bro-Co is the drink of the Bro. It is the combonation of Southern Comfort Black Label and Mountain Dew. With the fruity flavor of black label and the extremeness of Mountain Dew it provides for the ultimate bro experience.
"Hey bro! I just got done mountain biking and rock climbing so I'm going to relax with a Bro-Co."
by lumberjack joe September 28, 2007
5 4
Hey, I saw your Bro-co yesterday, he was hitting on your Sis-co. (Sister Cousin)
by heatherhay December 08, 2010
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