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The awkward situation in which you and your bro are at a party etc. and he could get mad dome from a hot chick. But you can't leave to room or you are stuck in bed because you are so drunk and don't know whats going on. So you must Bro-Up and take one for the team.
Guy1-Me and Jimmy were at this mad rager last night... Some weird shit happened though
Guy2- What went down?
Guy1- Well jimmy was able to get dome from Linda but I was so drunk and I wasn't sure what to do because I felt trapped.
Guy2-So what did u decided to do?
Guy1- Well I decided to.. Bro-Up
Guy2-- DAMN word bra best mayne
by rowdy boy January 02, 2011
0 4
Like big ups, but exclusively to & for bros.
A: Remember how I scored that chick? Gold.
B: Yeah man, I did all the talking & you just took her home.
A: Wingman Deluxe, mad bro ups.
by something clever November 01, 2013
1 0
A Group of guys who refer to each other as "bro" or the group as their "bro's". Usually characterized by overt masculine behavior including chest pounding and loud speech.
I had to walk the long way to get a drink at the bar in order to avoid the loud, chest pumping broup blocking the hall.
by BiggHack April 26, 2011
3 2
to man up,grow up,or hang with you bros and hoes
J- "you should probably start calling us bros from now on"
L- "yeah, maybe...."
J- "if you can man up to it"
L- "yeah, if i can "BRO UP""

by mike hudson March 28, 2008
11 17