A party thrown by a guy in which only guys show up: a complete disappointment. Originates from the term "no-show."
Guy #1: We should go to Chris's party so we can meet up with some girls.

Guy #2: It's not worth it, his last party was a complete bro-show.
by nxaw91 February 22, 2009
Top Definition
An action movie that is so ridiculous only men would watch it for the special effects, action scenes, or sex.
"Did you see Shoot 'Em Up?"
"Of course! But Sally just said it was a bro show"
by inuyasha1162 February 01, 2009
A channel on t.v. that only shows ass, boobs, and everything in between without the relationship part.
James: Hey dude, I gotta go. Bro Show is on!
Ethan: ahhh, alright that must be why you haven't had a girl..
James: ... yeh.
by Nashanah July 04, 2013
Synonymous with "sausage fest", a broshow is when there is an abundance of penis wielding humans at a party/club/bar. The phenomenon causes hardship when trying to seek out a female since the competition is almost as fierce as a Roman Colosseum Battle Royale.
Bro 1: "Holy fuck man look at that girl over there getting flocked like she's a fucking french-fry in a crowd of seagulls."

Bro 2: "True man, this is such a fuckin' broshow, let's dip."


Girl 1: "I'm the only girl here, I'm going to put myself on a pedestal now because I love getting attention from everyone."

Girl 2: "Were such fucking cunts, I love broshows."
by Will McIntosh October 28, 2011
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