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Bro-head is when two normally heterosexual male friends perform oral sex on one another. Usually, it is fraternity types who fail to see the homosexual implications of this act.

Bro-head (a variation on Road head)
"We were just hanging out last night, playing X-box, having a few beers, listening to Coldplay, one thing led to another and BAM!! Bro-head.

Bro 1. Yo, I'm really stressed out and my girlfriend is out of town, I need some bro head.

Bro 2. Oh, let me take care of that. You know I always got your back.
by dpac101 December 13, 2007
A man who follows every trend, refers to his freinds only as bro, wears pink, watches too much MTV and who's conduct can be described only as general douchebaggery.
I refuse to be friends with Tom, he is a complete brohead.
by semperjim January 30, 2009
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