a set of rules that a bro must live by, that when broken, result in a series of consequences, ranging from paying for drinks for a night all the way to loss of permanent shotgun status.

sample articles.

#1 - bros before hoes
#2 - whether or not a bro cares about sports, a bro cares about sports
#56 - a bro in a relationship will always wing for a single bro
#69 - duh
#83 - a bro will never ask for directions when traveling with an excess of 3 people in the car.
by cmxx05 January 10, 2010
The sacred code held between Bros. Its closest equivalent or counterpart is Girl Code. To break code with one of your Bros is a blasphemous, sacrilegious, and high Bro treason.

To break the code of Bro is to break the Brolific bond you might have with your Bros.
Example ~

Bro 1: "hey dudes, please don't tell my GF i came to play poker tonight, she'd be totally pissed Bro."

Bros 2 and 3: "Don't even trip man, Bro code."

An example of Bro Code being defiled:

Bro 1: "Dude! I just found out my best Bro has been coming to my apartment and fucking my girl and drinking my beer!"

Bro 2: " Thats ghey as fuck dude, you should totally beat his bitch ass."
by wang chung wong shu August 19, 2008
an assumed list of rules between guys
general things you just dont do to your bros.

bro code rule # 1 - bros before hoes
Bro coed rule #87 - never sleep with your friends ex.

- what man?
- Its in the bro code! you just dont do that!
i cant believe you slept with my ex man!
- man, i feel terrible
by M, Fo April 30, 2008
A set of codes for friends to live by: No friend shall date, talk to or hangout with another friends X girl unless he is approved to do so.
John broke bro code by hanging out with Bob's X girlfriend without getting approval first.
by Therealistofthereal January 14, 2015
An unofficial set of laws governing how the people of the world should treat one another.

Some people here are making up laws of brocode, but really there are no official laws. There is no correct way to spell bro-code. It's meant to be used as a term to describe common decency among bros.
Bro code: help a brother out

Always follow the brocode

Come on, do me a favor, remember brocode.
by EvilSteak March 11, 2013
Conversation that friends have that only they can understand, many times this is used when describing other surroundings when opposite sexes are around, a distinguished lingual that is understood by each party as a set meaning, language that can be many words or just a few that have meaning, this language can also be taps, hand shakes, winks, nods or other forms of body language
Bobby saw this real hot girl standing with her friend, looked over at James and flapped his arm as bro code, telling James he needs him as a wingman
by Anthony Kranz August 26, 2007
The code set by all bro's alike that they don't:

1.) bitch and fight over some bitch.

2.) date their fellow bros' ex's (if he's over her or not.)

3.) whatever the hell other rules they wanna add to the list.

Basically, a set definition to the "Bro's before Hoes" saying.
Trevor: Dude, are you dating Elise?
Koven: Sure am man, she's great.
Trevor: Fuck you man, that's against the Bro Code.
by A chick who hangs with guys April 06, 2010

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