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Bro Fun is the act of two completely straight Bros hanging out and if dry (not having sexual encounters for more than 2 days] can have a short time of basically hooking up with each other without being gay. Only Bros have a right to do this, if you are a male and are not a Bro, then you will be considered gay. Using the rule of Bro Fun, Bros can make out, give handjobs and/or blowjobs and masterbate together, but no inserting of the penis into te anus of the other Bro. That is always gay. Have fun Bros!
Tom: Bro, i havent gotten a blow job in two days
Jake: Wanna use Bro Fun?
Tom: Yea man lets go!

Bro 1: Dude let's Bro Fun
Bro 2: Alright but its not gay right?
Bro 1: Not according to the Bro Fun rules!
Bro 2:Lets go!
by BrosGoForHoes July 01, 2010

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