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A Bro Burn is where a bro stays out in the sun for too long while wearing a Bro Tank.

When the Bro Tank is taken off, it looks as if the Bro is still wearing an all-white Bro Tank due to the silhouette of the Bro Tank not getting any sun.
Dude, take off your Bro Tank before you go for a swim
Dude, I did take off my Bro Tank, I'm just rocking a Bro Burn so it looks like I'm still wearing one

Why is he wearing an all-white Bro Tank?
Oh, he isn't, he just has a bad case of Bro Burn
by Undead Dinosaur July 10, 2013
The tan lines/ sunburn created by the laxin' penny when practicing shirtless.
Dude, let's go shirtless so we can rock that bro burn.
by FreshRock March 24, 2011
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