A French car.
Judas MK11 is a total retard for thinking that slow fucking French cars aren't pieces of shit. I'd rather drive a Volga.
by 5th Column May 12, 2003
Top Definition
Rhyming Slang...not very good as in W**k
That `69 Mustang 2.0 ltr is a bit British Tank
by Tankman983 May 07, 2003
Used to describe a vehicle of some sort, usually an automobile, which has stalled out and/or won't run. Usually used in the form of a metaphor.
Hey, take a look at that Civic pulled over on the side of the road, with it's hood up and engine on fire! It's such a British tank!
by 5th Column April 28, 2003
A car made in a contry where english is the main langugae.
A lo quality car, A car not as exxelent as the Volga GXL 1,3 l driven by Judas MKll
by Judas Mkll May 18, 2003
A US made car as bad as the british cars
Camaro, Mustang M1 Abrams, President Bush, Chrysler dingeldangel 4,8 litre turbo.
"Not at all as good as a German or French car"
by Judas Mk11 May 06, 2003
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