Have a bunch of your friends hide in a closet with cameras. Seduce a girl and have sex in the room with the closet full of your friends. Right after you orgasm yell, "British Invasion!" and have your buddies come out and take pictures the girl while she still lies there in shock. This act replicates the British Invasion in the 60's in the sense that British bands would constantly be chased by the paparazzi who would take pictures when they least expected it.
Woman 1: How was your date last night?
Woman 2: Everything was going fine, until that asshole called for a British Invasion!
by Sean D. Fox April 27, 2007
Top Definition
A type of rock and roll that came from Britain. British Invasion bands were The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The The,and Freddie and The Dreamers.
Rock on. British Invasion was here before proto-punk.
by freak face January 27, 2005
When a man of British descent or directly from Britain has sex with an American. Given its name from the American Revolution against Britian in 1776, this act can be performed orally vaginally or analy.
Lynn: "how was your date with that guy from the UK last night?"

Claire: "it was great, he ended up giving me a British Invasion!"
by Anaanonymous July 06, 2016
What musical illiterates call the English bands who gained airplay in the U.S. in the mid-60's
Freddie and the Dreamers were part of the British Invasion.
by bobcows November 27, 2003
A bunch of socialist British bands who were already famous in Great Britain who came to America and the second they got here started singin about how disgruntled they was about the American way of life.They disgruntled an entire generation with their drugs and their music and to this day this country is still FUCKED because of it.
British Invasion is when a bunch of commie-socialist faggots come to your country and fuck it up beyond repair for decades with their gayness and their tree-killing hippie bullshit!!!!!
by fuck you faggots September 01, 2005
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