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The second bass player of the Sex Pistols. Born Simon John Beverly, When his father left, his mother renamed him John Simon Ritchie. He could actually only play one riff on bass, that he learn from a Ramones record while he was doped up on speed. On stage he mutalated himself and told the croud that they were fucking queers. The first band he was in was The Flowers Of Romance, who never played music, but just hung out and got high. The second band he was in was the original Siouxie & The Banshees. He was the drummer. After they ousted him, Malcolm Mclaren, the bitch manager of the Sex Pistols, asked him to join as the bassist. He did not get his stage name from Johnny R's 'vicious' hamster Sydney. His name came from the Pink Floyd member Syd Barret, and from 'Vicious' a song by The Velvet Underground.
Sid Vicious is fucking great. Fuck you if you think otherwise you little dicks!
by Freak Face May 05, 2005
The lead singer of the notorious '70s punk band The Sex Pistols. The name he was born with was John Lydon. The one and only time that they were on the Bill Grundy Show, Johnny Rotten swore about 8 times in 3 sentences. He was the one who introduced Sid Vicious to hair spray. He did NOT start the safety pin fad. Besides, safety pins are part of punk, so they weren't a fad. The punks were just so poor, that they used them to hold their clothes together. After the Sex Pistols broke up, Johnny Rotten started Public Image Ltd.
"God save the queen, she ain't a human being" God Save The Queen-Sex Pistols 1976
by Freak Face May 04, 2005
The older harder version of emo. Emocore was what emo was called in the mid '80s when it was first started. Rites Of Spring was the first emocore band, but not many people knew about them. One of the members of Rites Of Spring joined Fugazi when it first started. Ian Mackaye, who was also the inventor of Straight Edge, wanted to copy ROS's style, but make it more like hardcore so that more people agreed with it. After them came Jawbreaker, who widened emocore's by going more into modern and indie rock. Sunny Day Real Estate, who came out at around the same time as Jawbreaker, did the same.
Emocore bands are: Alexisonfire, Underoath, Saosin, A Static Lullaby, The Bled, Dead Poetic, From Autumn To Ashes, Engine Down, Thursday, Finch, Dismissed, Matchbook Romance, Earth Crisis, Snapcase and Boysetsfire.
by Freak Face May 04, 2005
The most notorious punk band of all time. Started in 1976, the Sex Pistols' original lineup consisted of Johnny Rotten(b. John Lydon) on vocals, Glen Matlock on bass, Steve Jones and Paul Cook. The one and only time they were on national television, they swore 8 times. Fuck, 4 times. Shit, 3 times. Bastard, once. Their first release was God Save The Queen. Upon being released, it was banned from the majority of record stores in England. Their next release was Anarchy In The U.K. The Sex Pistols were the most publicized band in history because of all that circulated around Sid Vicious.
"I am an antichrist, I am an anarchist. Don't Know what I want, but i know how to get it!" Anarchy In The U.K.-Sex Pistols
by Freak Face May 05, 2005
A type of rock and roll that came from Britain. British Invasion bands were The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The The,and Freddie and The Dreamers.
Rock on. British Invasion was here before proto-punk.
by freak face January 27, 2005
Punk rock's only poet, Patti Smith ranks among the most influential female rock & rollers of all time. Ambitious, unconventional, and challenging, Smith's music was seen as the most exciting fusion of rock and poetry since Bob Dylan. If that hybrid remained distinctly uncommercial for much of her career, it wasn't a statement against accessibility so much as the simple fact that Smith followed her own muse wherever it took her -- from structured rock songs to free-form experimenting, or even completely out of music at times. Her most avant-garde outings drew a sense of improvisation and interplay from free jazz, though they remained firmly rooted in noisy, primitive three-chord rock & roll. She was a powerful concert presence, singing and chanting her lyrics in an untrained but expressive voice, whirling around the stage like an ecstatic shaman delivering incantations. A regular at CBGB's during the early days of NYC Punk, she was the first artist of the bunch to get a record deal and release an album, even beating The Ramones to the punch. The artiness and the amateur musicianship of her work both had a major impact on the Punk Movement, whether in New York or England, whether among her contemporaries (Television, Richard Hell) or followers. What was more, Smith became an icon to subsequent generations of female rockers. She never relied on sex appeal for her success -- she was unabashedly intellectual and creatively uncompromising, and her appearance was usually lean, hard, and androgynous. She also never made an issue of her gender, calling attention to herself as an artist, not a woman; she simply dressed and performed in the spirit of her aggressive, male rock role models, as if no alternative had ever occurred to her. In the process, she obliterated the expectations of what was possible for women in rock, and stretched the boundaries of how artists of any gender could express themselves.
Its going down tonight in this town
Cause they stare and growl
They all stare and growl
I take a scar everytime i cry
Cause it aint my style no it aint my style
Going down to the gravel head to the barrel
Take this life and end this struggle
Los Angeles come scam me please
Emptiness never sleeps at Cliftons 6 am
With your bag lady friend and your mind descending
Stripped of the right to be a human in control
Its warmer in hell so down we go

They say this is the city
The city of angels
All i see is dead wings

City Of Angels-Patti Smith
by Freak Face May 12, 2005
The Term for any drug you inject that has poison in it. You get really hot, pass out and die in your sleep.
Sid Vicious was killed by a hot shot.
by Freak Face May 11, 2005

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