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a language/accent blending british and american together as one- like a sandwich. BRITish + amerICAN = BRITICAN. people who speak britican are often located in ethiopia.
golly gee!
tea party!
HAW! HAW! HAW! = (britican laugh)
by Court&Lu June 21, 2007
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A person of split nationality- either parent is British and another is American.

A Britican is a person who identifies with both parts of their British and American heritage.

Possible dual nationality holding both British and American passports.
Cary Grant was a Britican Actor.
by Maggienyc June 15, 2010
An American who has come to the conclusion that all things are better in Britain than in America solely based upon the British accent. (British American)

Similar concept the Wapanese, these Yanks have never actually stepped foot on to British soil. However, they are more socially accepted than the Wapanese due to their close proximity to the UK and The Beatles.

They praise the British government, accents, foods, and spelling differences for one of their own.
Whenever Madonna is in America, people must all think she's a severe Britican.

The whole drama club has become a group of Briticans due to the fall play. It's annoying in English class when they take it upon themselves to speak with an English accent.
by thatgallygal September 28, 2009

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