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(n). Biceps that are the same diameter as one's wrists. Similar to cankles, but describing one's arms.
Tyler: I been at the gym twice this month, you see how pumped my arms are getting?

Derek: nah, man you still got brists
by toosweetkoolaid April 10, 2011
To break wind with such explosive force a fine vapour of excrement stains ones under-crackers.
Oh god, that felt wet. Think I may have done a brist.
by bristdelight September 02, 2016
just a nickname of somesort. if you want to know the REAL definition, also see, bristee
There's this gorgeous girl, i call her brist.
by airldaf May 30, 2008
To strike with the back of your wrist.
John didn't want to get his rings bloody so he bristed that bitch.
by WiseMasterWang February 17, 2008
Portmanteau of "Brown" and "Mist" - to "Brist" is to break wind violently enough to cause a fine vapour of excrement to stain ones pants.
"Oh God! I just brist all over my pants!"
by bristdelight September 12, 2016
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