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A very sexy female that everyone wants, but only selected individuals can get. Or a Bitch
Wow! That guy is so popular I bet he gets all the Briscoes
by OneDollarFootLong June 20, 2014
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Briscoes are a specific breed of human being. Originating in Scotland, Briscoes eventually migrated to the U.S. and found the Southeast coast of Florida to have sufficient exposure to sunlight and greenery. Avid fishermen, poker players, lacrosse athletes, gifted speakers, intelligent students, engineers, sushi chefs, piano players, digital artists, writers, watch connoisseurs, travelers, cigar smokers, whiskey drinkers, thespians, golfers, exquisite lovers, orders their Manhattan straight up and with a blue cheese olive, Briscoes have been known to mask their suave and multifaceted personalities with a fa├žade to increase the surprise one receives when meeting a Briscoe. Briscoe's tend to be cute, and cuddly, but definitely not forces to be reckoned with. Their cool demeanor in times of stress communicate a quiet fury, and demonstrates their evolutionary prowess, their near genetic perfection. Brain normally beats brawn; however, Briscoes have evolved to develop both in large quantities. Briscoes are bastions of character and values that the population ought to admire, revere, and emulate. Men, take note. Ladies, take cover. Briscoes are spreading and growing in numbers. Be prepared when you meet a Briscoe.
"There can only be one true Briscoe family"

"Briscoe taught me how to spearfish!"

"You wouldn't know it, but Briscoe loves Billy Joel"
by Christopher Rone December 10, 2016
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A guy of average inteligence and skills who believes he is a gangsta rapper. He is surrounded by family and friends constantly who feeds his ego and allow him to believe his fantasy.
Guy #1: dude, why is that little nobody running his mouth and talkin so much shit all the time?

Guy#2: he's a briscoe. He's been waiting 20 yrs for ice-t to sign a rap contract with him and his framily keeps tellin him it'll happen someday...someday
by amiac February 20, 2014
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