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Briend = Boyfriend when I'm drunk, Friend when I'm sober.
Girl: I want to make out tonight.
Boy Friends don't make out.
Girl: Were more then friends your my briend...
Boy: What's that?
Girl: Your my boyfriend when I'm drunk and my friend when I'm sober...
by Surge Nights August 26, 2011
Your brother, who is also your friend.
This is my brother Joe, but were really more like friends. Just call us briends!
by cords December 22, 2010
Neither a friend nor a buddy. This person lies between an acquaintance and a friend. You call someone a briend only after knowing them for only about a week.
A: Do you know Jered?
B: Oh yeah, he's one of my Briend's. I met him at school last week...
by potmoutheroff June 28, 2015
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