To have sex with esp. in a skeevy place
Hannah totally got bridged last summer
by Doc(Nick) November 30, 2009
a thing which joins 2 things together allowing you to move from one part to the other. it can be either physical, mental, metaphorical etc.
1. i used the bridge to get to the other side of the river
2. understanding that my girlfriend was on her rags helped me to bridge why she was telling me i was an asshole when i had just moved heaven and earth for her.
by shaneaisbett July 02, 2004
a peircing at the stop of your nose, just below your eyebrows
his bridge makes him look cross eyed
by reginaaaaaaaa December 04, 2005
The act of laying toilet paper from one side of the toilet pan to the other so it catches your shit as it drops from your anus. You then lift the 'bridge' from the toilet and then wave it across the bathroom to create an uber disgusting smell.
Did you just do a bridge just then? It stinks!
by Martin Reynolds May 24, 2005
while walking behind someone, you kick them in the nuts, watching them fall down.
I gave Barr a bridge the other day.
by Shift Alt Delete January 10, 2009
1. A distance that is way too far to travel.

Dude1: Yo man let me hit that!
Dude2 Nah bruh.
Dude1: cmon, let me hit that!
Dude2: bridge, thats hella too far.
by calabrese January 23, 2007
Area between a man's scrotum and anus.

Synonyms: nifkin, grundle, ABC (Arse-Bollock/ Arse-Ball Connector)
Lick my bridge.
by bri-j November 12, 2002
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