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A person who takes a monstrous dump in a public bathroom and doesn't flush. Usually there is a posse of poopers like this (a Brick Layer's union) who will build an unflushable wall of turds. This is mainly done to offend people and piss them and the janitor off.
I was going to take a shit at the Dollar General crapper, but a bunch of brick layers had been there and clogged the toilet up. I admired their pile and wished I could lay such a brick but sadly, I haven't had a solid turd in years.
by Jim E. Junk April 22, 2006
The art of cumming on one girls back in doggystyle position then laying your third wheel bitch on top back to back.
I gave those two bitches the brick layer
by Methodm10 January 22, 2016
A hard working person. A person that doesn't get involved with work politics or kissing ass. A person who does a solid days work regardless of pressures of the need to just get it done.
That detective didn't tell you that just to close his case. He's a real brick layer that one.
by DannaLee September 05, 2015
Someone who sells Bricks (1 Kilogram or 1 pound) of illegal drugs
"Handled key's niggas called them the Bricklayers"

-"Miss U" Notorious B.I.G.
by caucasian kid September 07, 2008
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