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THe coolest girl youll meet. Shes a great kisser and if you meet a BRIASIA snatch her up. She has a nice body and shes a flirt. Shes very sensitive. Though if you mess with her she will fight. Most BRIASIA'S are LEOS and need extra attention. Shes loving and has honest thoughts. Guys better get her quick before someone else does.
Wow, she always hangs out with boys shes such a briasia.

Only briasia`s have bods like that!
by honeyBee January 01, 2014
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Briasia is a girls name. athey are named Briasia for their sexy bodies. And big attitudes. They are BB and all the dudes want her. Shes thick (nice booty big tities). She loves niggas with blue eyes. Shes a nosy hoe. She gets what she wants and shes a boss ass bitch. BRIASIA:)
Girl 1: Why are you in my purse? Stop being a BRIASIA

Girl 2: Dont Be Mad Cause I Got A BRIASIA body!
by bossbaybe December 30, 2013

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