The name means strong and noble. She's usually short, confident, goofy, and loud. She has many friends and a great body. Although she normally has many friends she can also be independent. She's a very trustworthy person who loves to talk. People really trust her opinion and confine in her.
*See's group of girls and hears laughter*
Boy: "Here comes Brianna"
by jordan phizzle January 14, 2013
A beautiful girl, who is very shy and extremely good at sports.

Often attracted to boys with names that start with the letter M.

But she especially likes boys who have names that start with the letter T.
And if you like a Brianna you just have to go for it, just ask her to hangout.
Briannas are often shy, just get them alone and talk.
If you do that there`s a 99% chance they`ll say yes.
Just be brave and bold.
Boy: ( pick up line )
Brianna: What the fuck?
Boy: nothing
by mblove333 December 03, 2014
A female who is very sexy with a bad ass body! Very athletic she is shy at first but a super freak on the low she loves masculine men! Always down for whatever willing to give her last for people she really cares about always standing behind her man right or wrong most of the time Brianna's are short and small but very feisty they have a goofy side but once you fuck them over it done they give great head and willing to try all new things most are brown skin or darks skin beauties loved to be treated like a queen great sense of style and doesn't give two fucks what anyone has to say ALOT of dudes beg her to be their MILF
Damn my nigga you seen Brianna lately
Hell yeah shawty thick up
by babygirl252 May 14, 2015
THe girl who is always giggly round her friends(: loves music! that dorky, fun, short black girl(: has big boobs
You see that girl over there!? thats Brianna!
by Loveelovee December 05, 2011
A bossy female who always wants her way, very demanding. To know a Brianna is to despise a Brianna.
"Ugh she is definitely a Brianna"
by greyisamazing March 16, 2016
Very salty and uptight person.
She was being such a Brianna yesterday.
by TheSpeakerOfTruth May 06, 2015
a dumb bitch who's life is devoted to big black cock
Daniel: man you should go for Brianna; she left me
Connor: Nah, she's all about that black donkey dick
Daniel: well, YEA
by danchild34 August 08, 2015

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