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A Brianna can be very annoying and sensitive. Don't call her a brat or a bitch or else she well through a fit and cry about it all day. Not that pretty but not ugly. If you date her be careful if you break up with her or else she well harrass you and be a complete bi-ATCH! She can be a blonde a lot. Don't trust her.
OMG. I broke up with brianna today and she sent me a bunch of bitchy messages.

She's probaly on her period.

No she just acts like that.
by LILLOV27 July 01, 2012
Brianna Ryan is the world stupidest, most annoying bitch. extremely immature and thinks that texting the same person every second is cool because she just learned how. not to mention, A hardcore Christian That forces her beliefs on EVERYONE she meets.
dude 1: man, that chick in our social 10-1 class is so fucking annoying and ugly. She wont stop texting me.
Dude 2: I warned you about Brianna
by 1234Neelhtak November 18, 2010
Some think she is amazing but really shes just a fat piece of shit who likes having sex.unsure if she is a man or not brianna thinks she is the queen of the fucken world but really shes the one that people like do walk up to a take a fucken big shit on.
Person 1. Who is that girl?
Person 2. Oh that piece of shit. That's Brianna
by haireyfuckenblackcock November 15, 2011
a down right stupid bitch
will do anything to get her way
gets her parents to get her in to top spots
deserves nothing of what she gets
ruins friendship

slutty short fat try hard

needs to grow up
omg that brianna chick is such a bitch!
by fnasdjv July 15, 2011
verb - pronounced bree-anna.

1.) to be tall, nice, and friends with anyone and everyone.
2.) to be afraid of wearing your hair down.
3.) to enjoy 'your mom' jokes. and add "oooh-sssss!" after.
1.) That chick is like so cool, she's so brianna.
2.) I see her hair is a bun every freaking day, she's so brianna.
3.) She just said my mom goes to college! Tah... what a briana.
by ColdWaterClassic February 28, 2007
A foul smelling short girl that doesn't wash her hair or body. Also known as a transit whore. Dates ugly men to make herself feel better for what she doesn't' have.
Was she a Brianna?
by Cheekyoldday March 30, 2011
Ugly fat bitch that has no life and her mommy handle's her problems because she has no backbone.
Brianna: I fucking hate you..
10 minutes later
Jami: oh HAil n4w ThT$ n0t Okii!!!!!1!!
Brianna: I hate drama, even though i start it. ;(
by Ms. Fucksworthyasshole December 21, 2010