A very beautiful, odd minded girl. She is very loved by her peers with a odd mindset. You'll never meet another Brianna so cherish her. She is also very silly but serious when needed. A Brianna is a overall awesome friend and person
Look at Brianna
Yea I bet shes a awesome person
by MyChemicalRomance05 April 03, 2015
THe girl who is always giggly round her friends(: loves music! that dorky, fun, short black girl(: has big boobs
You see that girl over there!? thats Brianna!
by Loveelovee December 05, 2011
A Brianna is usually a bitch who cries for no apparent reason she usually has brown hair and small boobs! She is a backstabbing liar who you used to trust but can't
Why did you hit me, stop acting like Brianna
by _KID64 March 30, 2015
a kind girl that's really pretty, but don't let her looks fool you, she's actually one of the biggest attention whores you'll meet. also, loves to put on cakes of makeup for a living
guy 1: "wow that brianna girl is really pretty"
guy 2: "too bad brianna acts stupid for just attention."
by pinkflamingo72 December 12, 2014
Ratchet broke bitch.
Brianna is always running around begging for money.
by bmarie August 07, 2014
A loud, cute girl who is often the life of the party. She knows she can get what she wants but guys often seen right through her. Often gets along best with anyone named Tanis or Reah.
Brianna is the shit!
by TLCXX February 09, 2010
One who smiles too often. She gets high easily, and when she does, she acts like an extremely crazy crackhead. Her enjoyment comes out of running away from creeps, and slapping big, "above-average" dicks. A very fun, easy-going person. Hangs around perverted people whom she likes to whore around with.
Man I'd like to befriend that Brianna.. I'd let her slap mine all day.
by Jonsieriantrevtina November 28, 2011

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