Briana a hot sexy girl with a nice smile . she's girly outside and ghetto inside she will fuck you up , most briana's are short they have lots of friends . Briana has a sexxy ass and body known for having big boobs. Briana plays with the guys but has strong feelings for only one Briana is active and sweet with a beautiful body this girl is powerful short and sweet she's a crazy girl that loves everyone briana is a awesome friend or girlfran
"Dayum that girl is hot"

"she must be a briana"

"imma bang that chick"

"she has a boyfriend"


"You hit on her or disrespect her she'll fuck you up"

"holy fuck"
by dinosauryoknow December 30, 2011
A girl who trusts everyone with stuff except her boyfriend. She loves him but doesn't trust him with things such as pictures. She's very forgetful and sleeps a lot. But she is the most beautiful girl ever. She deserves the perfect guy (preferably white). She is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Although she is a pain in the ass, she is definitely worth it.
Briana is the best girl ever.
by sndmepics June 30, 2014
Super Sexy girl, tan but small, she will fuck u up if it comes to it
Guy: that girl HOT!

Guy2: ikr!!

Briana: wat da fak u say bitch?
by BIATCH2.0 June 13, 2013
a extremely sexy italian little girl .
she has 3 best friends and shes a BAMF .
briana also doesnt let anyone in her kitchen

she has an extremely nice ass and HUUUGE boobs .
she has a rockin body and not to mention ,

EVERYONE wants her body . and everyone wants to
sleep with her .
Doug - Dammmnnn look at that hot piece of ass over there ! shes BANGIN ! DAAAAYUUMMNNN

Peter - i know duude , she's hot as hell . HER NAME MUST BE BRIANA .
by imacoolkidd July 07, 2009
She is awesome and very, very beautiful....she likes cookies and cake....and is so much cooler than everyone else...and she like me
Me: Briana, whats up playa!?!
Briana: Just eating cookies, what up with you boo?
by Seamj141 October 27, 2011
Girl who is so damn hot and makes cute faces to Keep you happy. She knows the deal and she values the relationship more than you do. Sensitive yet caring. Do get deceived by her action, she is smarter than you think. She down plays her smartness to just to make you comfortable and have fun. She is the synonym for perfection.
oh damn she is one Briana!

She is not just perfect, she is Briana.
by Prazy November 18, 2014
Brianas are hot, with great bodies, usually italian or black. The kind of guys brianas are attracted to are older men, (20smaybe 30s) and will do anything to find the right guy... shes a player whos been played, and is always trying to find the right guy and the seconds she doubts its him, she dumps him. Usually not very ambitiouse, but has alot of friends, loooooooves music and guys who play instraments or who are in bands, and has a rouph life and past with her famly issues... she also likes guys name:quinn, jake,john,johnny,jack,joeseph,maxton,or sometimes chris ... etc....
g1:Dude shes hot!

g2:yeah but her personalities great too...<3

g1:you know her?

g2:yeah her names briana
by <3<3Queen<3<3 July 25, 2012
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