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(n.) Actor/Student/Human. Starred in A Very Potter Musical as Professor Quirrell and in A Very Potter Sequel as Seamus Finnigan, James Potter, and Past Ron. The epitome of supermegafoxyawesomehotness.
1. Brian Rosenthal is definitely the cutest Starkid.
2. I want to marry Brian Rosenthal.
by Rumbleroar's Slumbering Cub November 14, 2010
72 4
Widely known for playing Professor Quirrell in A Very Pooter Musical(AVPM) and Seamus Finnigan in A Very Potter Sequel (AVPS). He is very awkward but very sexy. Has an amazing voice.
Friend #1: I am going to marry Brian Rosenthal one day.

Friend #2: No I am, you look better with Joe Walker anyways.

Friend #1: Fine
by starkidgeek November 10, 2010
24 2