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Charismatic, talented young actor most known for his portrayal of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter fan-parody and Youtube sensation, "A Very Potter Musical." He can also be seen in the Starkid production of "Me and My Dick" playing himself, Joey Richter, as a young boy going through puberty with the help of his out-of-control genitalia. His latest youtube appearances are in the short film Camp Chapel, as well as the sequel to A Very Potter Musical-A Very Potter Sequel. Joey is currently attending college at the University of Michigan, where he’s a part of a student-run organization called basement arts. You can follow Joey on Twitter.
That Joey Richter is TOTALLY AWESOME!
by SharpOfWit August 02, 2010
A totally awesome person that is known for playing 'Ron Weasly' in 'A Very Potter Musical', himself in 'Me and My Dick' and 'Bug' in 'Starship' he hails from the University of Michigan, and is part of Team Starkid!
"I absolutely love the character that Joey Richter played in the play last night!"
by RomeyVanSmack December 23, 2011
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