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A former 2nd round draft choice of the Green Bay Packers, who has only proven how inept a quarterback can be given the opportunity.

A stink pot. The height of craptitude.

Fan 1: There is no way that guy over there was the same Brian Brohm who was a quarterback at Louisville.
Fan 2: Yes, he is. It's just that he's just like his older brother, NFL-illiterate.

What in the hell is that smell, did something rot & die in here?
No, we were just watching that Brian Brohm on TV. The stink is so bad it is coming through the screen.

Fan 1: You know what I like?
Fan 2: No, what?
Fan 1: I like watching quarterbacks throw interceptions. It really makes me laugh.
Fan 2: If you want to laugh so hard it hurts, you really should check out Green Bay's QB of the future, Brian Brohm.
by Fraud Exposer September 24, 2009
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