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Briahn (n): A seriously awesome and funny girl with a great sense of humour that will keep you in stitches most of the day. Always ready to laugh with you and at you.

Single minded and determined Briahn makes a great gym companion and will push you to be the best that you can be. Is competitive and she will whoop your arse given any opportunity.

Briahn: (adj) Smart and Sassy and marches to her own drummer. Briahn will often laugh at her own antics because they are seriously funny.

Impossible not to like this pocket dynamo. Protective of friends & family, but does not suffer fools. Has the ability to knock you down with a single glare.
Loves animals of all kinds and will always take in a stray or two.

WARNING: DO NOT stare too long... You WILL get stared down. Breathing on her is also not advised.
"Hey that guy is a real Briahn!"
"Yeah! He really is such an awesome dude!"
"I haven't laughed so much! You're such a Briahn!"
"Man Stop breathing on me or I will go all Briahn on you!"
by Feline1 September 26, 2012
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