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a sweet girl that usually has one finger nail painted pink and may also have great boobs
"dang,that girl is smokin!" "i know right did you see the pink finger nail? don't get much cooler than that,she's for sure a Breianna!"
by Topsy Crets July 16, 2012
11 3
Definitely the coolest person most kindest person in the world. She has an aversion to anything with warm fruit in it but can live a week on only m&m’s. She is addicted to buying boutique clothing online and is strangely obsessed with Cabbage Patch kids.
riend 1: I love Breianna.
Friend 2: Me too.
Friend 1: I don't know anyone who doesn't love Breianna.
Friend 2: True story.
by Me Hao Ki Lan January 09, 2009
22 7