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The sport in which often a male tries to throw a spherical or cylindrical object, typically a coin, gumball, wad of paper, or popcorn, down a woman's displayed cleavage.

This sport originates from a middle or high school pastime of boys simply being bored and wanting to play basketball with girls. The lack of a basket caused men to use women's cleavage (note can also be played with an overweight man). It has spread to the public and is a common occurrence when friends chill with females.
Baker made popcorn for her friends, and Howard decided to take advantage of the opportunity and play breasketball with Baker's 34B's.

"Dude, look at her shirt."

"Nice. Let's play breasketball. One-on-one."

by Guan Zhang April 08, 2010
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Similar to Basketball, where as instead of a hoop, you use the cleavage of breasts.
"let's go play breasketball." "How?" "well you have to keep trying to throw pieces of paper (scrunched up) and/or other suitable sized objects into my cleavage."
by bigjase48 July 02, 2008
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