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How a girl looks after a breakup. distinctive because of the; lack of makeup, puffy eyes, messed up hair. Just a general not caring for how you look. Girls with breakup face will almost wear sweats and shuffle around in slippers. Breakup Face is usually followed by "I Need Attention" Face, the opposite of BUF girls will try to look as hot and dress as attractively as possible in an attempt to get a new guy.
Breakup Face:
Guy 1:Damn that girl has a serious case of Break up Face

Guy 2: Seriously but just wait a week or two, and then shell just out the yoga pants!!
by MrJad3d October 27, 2010
The face in which you look as if your girlfriend broke up with you. A sad yet funny face.
Dude, did you see Josh's Break-up Face when he hit an old bitch with his car?
by Skate2daMusic July 24, 2009
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