Breaking bad - to change from a good person to a bad person; to go crazy; to lose control of yoursef; to go from regular joe to a badass
Setting - Sunday Scool, Bible Studies

Kid 1: Hey can I date your lil' sister?
Kid 2: Dude if you touch my sister I'm going to go breaking bad on your ass, tie you up and throw you in the trunk, you know I keep trash bags with me! Never know when ya' gotta dump a nigga' off! I'll cut you up and keep you in my mattress like drug money!
Kid 1: Oh, sorry I asked
Kid 2: It's cool man...
by UpUpNAway August 13, 2013
when things go wrong, not as it should be etc.
Supernatural S09E02:

- I told him just to make for the bunker
- Well, you think he can handle a road trip like that?
- Well, Cass is a big boy. Things go breaking bad, he knows our number.
by newRafall October 20, 2013
A television drama about a chemistry teacher who resorts to creating and selling methamphetamine to pay hospital bills, because in all his years of teaching he somehow never got any assets or saved up money.

Through out the show the main character completely avoids the DEA, snitches and generally jealous people that would do him in. If this show was based on reality he'd have gone to prison for sentence's longer then pedophiles, rapist and murderers, after his street dealers were followed around and phone tapped, but the show isn't based on reality, so it's just something for people to come back to for entertainment.
"I've seen all the episodes of Breaking Bad so far on t.v."

"I don't get where the whole fighting terrorism direction was going with the school teacher in Breaking Bad, so I stopped watching."
by youKnowyouKnow August 25, 2013
A great show, but definitely not the best show of all time.
Jimmy: "Holy shit bro! Just watched the Breaking Bad finale, best fucking show ever!"

Steven: "Have you seen The Sopranos or The Wire you dumb motherfucker?"
by NobodyFucksWithTheJesus October 05, 2013
To break the previous level of bad. For a situation that has already hit the fan but still maneges to get much more worse.
Tom: Did you hear what ryan did?

Louis: No,what?

Tom: He had a warrent out for unpaid parking tickets,and,originally, he would have just gotten house arrest and probation.

Louis: Man thats bad

Tom: It gets worst; the cops turned over his car and found weed, coke, and a hand grenade!Motherfucker's gonna get 5 to 10 now!

Louis: 5 too 10! Thats worse then bad,Thats breaking bad!
by urbanmacgyver June 18, 2011
a very good show about a guy who has resorted to cooking meth to pay for his cancer and the rest of his family's life i like it but he has a weird ass family an ugly wife who he use to bone every other episode a kid who unfortunately has cerebral palsy his wife's sister is just fucking weird and his brother in law is a member of the dea but otherwise it is a great show
did you see that episode of breaking bad?

ya it was good
by brarg April 07, 2010
The act of using methamphetamine.
I've been up for 3 days Breaking Bad with my tweeker buddies.
by fukmook April 12, 2010
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