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When a hard core criminal, junkie or gang banger reaches a point in their life when they decide to go all goodie-two-shoes and start going to church,volunteering at soup kitchens and picking the kids up from school.
I saw Davo going to church the other day..looks like he's breaking good..i suppose there won't be any more of those three day meth orgies at his place anymore...bummer
by boomstick6699 June 15, 2014
When you are pushed into a corner, but you still do the right thing. Even if the right thing is to stand up and defend yourself. Whoop some bodies ass that deserved it, in self defense.
When John was wrongfully terminated and accused of stealing, he thought of really stealing what he was accused of stealing and whipping his bosses ass. But he didn't, he defended himself in court, cleared his name, and got a better job instead. John is Breaking Good.
by Jose from LA August 19, 2013
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