people rolling on the floor
black people breakdancing
#break #bboy #dancing #breakdance #bboying
by notignorant September 19, 2008
A form of dance that uses every inche of your body if you are breaking right.
by monkey rabbit October 07, 2003
A fo-sport for those who are not necessarily out of shape, but lack skills for other sports. Because it is a fo-sport, those who are capable at it do not consider themselves "jocks" rather rebels. Indeed, these people are rebels without a cause, and most of them in turn will fail at life.
Person 1: Man, Johnny wasn't looked really athletic, but he got cut from Basketball, Football, AND Baseball!

Person 2: I know. I heard he felt so bad, he got into Break Dancing.

Person 1: So that's why he think's he so cool!
#poser #failure #sport #loser #jock
by Sky Deviler June 20, 2009
Spontaneous and erratic muscle spasms.
First Person: Dude, I think that guy is having a seizure.
Second Person: No, man, he's just break dancing.
by GlueGoneWild April 06, 2005
Epileptic seizures set to rythmic music.
Of course there are strobe lights in breakdancing clubs! How else would they trigger the seizures?
#epilepsy #dancing #breakdancing #breakdance #dance #rap culture #seizures #break-dancing
by Growly September 20, 2006
The ultimate form of dancing. Usually associated with being drunk.
Spinaroony, Leg slaps
by Chrono December 10, 2003
Tribal form of dancing.
Replaced any and all common sense or art in dance.
Frequently performed by people who do not know what race they are.
Those breakdancers look like fucking indians hopping around a fire.
by Kyle January 29, 2005
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