Basically this craze started when a black lad was caught on tape having a full blown seizure. The unfortunate lad went into a coma only to come out of it thinking he was The Pope.
Eating too much KFC can cause an increase in the sugar level of the blood, resulting in spasms similar to someone doing a breakdance.
by Oswald Ocasio March 05, 2008
a hip way of dancing, may be demonstrated by spinnning on ur head.
Im a gonna breakdance my way to the bathroom.
by Dr. T February 06, 2004
Breakdance is spining around your own axis in different ways (on head, elbo, finger, ears or nose, even on eyebrow).
Look at that b-boy spinning on his eyebrow! That's what I call breakdancing!
by real B-boy May 11, 2005
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