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What a person does to another in a fight.

Whooping the shit out of somebody.

Destroying someone.
Haha, did you see that? I broke his face and he went to the hospital.

Don't make me break your face in.
by B-raderton August 11, 2007
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1.What I do to people who try to beat me in cross country

2. A threat to anyone who bad mouths, trashes, or otherwise insults me.

I break faces on a daily basis.
"Yo, foo! You best get behind me or i'll break your face!"

" Say that again and I BREAK YOUR FACE!"
by Anniejew November 03, 2005
To shove crack rock up your nose all night til it doesn't work anymore and you probably hurt the next day
Hey, you holdin?
Why, you wanna break your face tonight?
by Ms. Basehead June 09, 2006

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