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Selfless, underestimated, beautiful person that wants to continually improve. Light eyes, light heart, light spirit with undertones of heaviness, loves her family to the extreme. Gives it to God.
by No Really???? February 05, 2010
How one goes about saying "yes" to ones bros (or brahs in certian bro dialects)
Bro 1: "Bro wanna drink some scotch?!?!?"
Bro 2: "BREAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"
by necbromancer February 23, 2010
Word used when there is an awkward silence to keep everyone from not talking.

Remember to start off with a lower pitch and end with as high as you can go.
"so whats up" "not much you" "not much"........"breAH
by Joe Zerter March 13, 2008
Noun, uptight snotty white girl, who thinks way too highly of them selves and talks alot of shit when jealous also extreamly childish and bitchy,two faced and slutty
dont worry she is actin Breah because you have what she wants
by allsya tyko January 28, 2008
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