The vagina of a woman with a heinous yeast infection.
Last night I was gunna treat Charlotte to some cunilingus, but that bitches snatch was like a fuckin' bread factory! The curdled ooze from her stench trench could make bread rise.
by BES the best July 17, 2006
Top Definition
The vagina of a woman who sleeps around excessively, causing multiple yeast infections, damn near monthly. After taking soooo many dicks to the twat, all the smegma combines making a toxic serum in the cooch, which in turn creates a yeast infection. Once the infections become chronic, and the poor girl lacks the Wisdom to realize what's causing them, her twat becomes what is known as a bread factory. Bread factories make many kinds of bread, but the most common would be sour dough.
Damn, Vanessa is a straight out bread factory
by idider September 10, 2010
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