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When you eat a girl out who is suffering from a yeast infection.
Brian earned his bread wings when he went down on Steph who is on medication for a yeast infection.
by The Baker November 22, 2004
A famous and dominant player-killer in the online multiplayer game Runescape. Also one of the most feared hybrids across the wilderness.
Breadwing just Fucking Owned me
by Breadwing July 07, 2009
eating a girl out when she has a yeast infection
john got breadwings when he ate marcy out while she had a yeast infection.
by chrisb99 October 28, 2004
a title of honor given to anyone who has eaten a chicks pussy while that chick had a yeast infection
"your red wings aint shit man i got my bread wings"
by stg60913b February 15, 2010
Inadvertantly performing oral sex w/ a female that has a yeast infection.

Derived from redwings or red wings.
Person 1: "How'd your date go last night?"

Person 2: "Great, 'til I earned my bread wings."
by Cliff Ketchup October 13, 2007
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