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A person that breaches something, as in a door. The hottest man on the SWAT team
Breacher uses force to forcibly open a door, a window or other obstacle.
#breacher #breach #swat #cop #police
by Breacher April 05, 2008
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a BAD ass door kicking, window breaking, demo blasting killer. The number one person in the stack. ALWAYS FIRST!
they called for the bulding to be taken, so they call the breachers to blast the doors.
#breahers #breach #berachers #breachrs #breahr
by Task force April 04, 2010
A turd that breaks or "breaches" the surface of the water in the toilet. Ideally without touching the sides although this variety is still a breacher it is refered to as the "leaner" variety.
How is your day going? Great, I had a breacher this morning!
by unsub April 02, 2005
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