Something that is unfair or unlucky. Originates from the computer game Worms Armageddon, where a few Brazillian players were known to cheat or play unfairly.

Please note that this is merely the definition for a slang word, and not an attempt to be racist. Brazil is great!
I chose a brazil seat on the train and got chewing gum on my favourite jersey.

Oh brazil, my best buddy got grounded!

My girlfriend went all brazil on me and started dating my Uncle.
by Bloopy August 09, 2005
1) a country in south america
2) a band
1) Do you want to go to Brazil and walk through those mosquito infested forests?
2) I saw Brazil the other day... holy shit, they were amazing!
by deathscent July 21, 2005
A large country that has poorly educated people, they have a high homicide rate, murder rate and little kids who sniff glue from aerisol cans. Venture out in the streets chances are you'll get robbed. A country that's mixed, but has a racism between the "white european descendants" and the mixed colors. Known for it's gorgeous women and sexy bikini's, the truth is most Brazillian women look like cows with broken teeth and nappy hair.

Those Brazillians fuck alot, that's why they have so many sexual diseases.
by Tina fledger September 30, 2006

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