A German sausage typically the same length as a mid-European penis (5.3") and slightly larger in diameter. Not to be mistaken for the 6-1/2" Irish Sausage which is also much thicker at the base and does not taper much (see chode or choate)
Being of both Irish and German decent, I have the best of both worlds; a long and thick schlong, plus I'm attractive to large breasted Germanic women.
by Junior January 05, 2004
Top Definition
A word used to describe girls who have a nice face but have a terrible body. The opposite of butters.
"When she took her clothes off, my fears came true. Her head, although pretty, sat on top of a pile of deformities. She was bratwurst"
by BigDaddy96 January 13, 2014
The act of defacating and packing a huge, delicious mouthful of dip (preferably Grizzly Straight) simultaneously.
After a long night of taco bell feasting, Kevin and Matt both enjoyed two vicious bratwursts.
by LYCOPROV August 06, 2008
1. adj: A way to describe someone who is acting bratty and/or petulant.
2. n: A meaty yet small sausage of highly seasoned fresh pork, usually served fried.
Instead of saying: "Stop being such a brat"
Say:"Stop being such a BRATWURST"
by DiddyGirl January 17, 2006
A German sausage

A derogatory term, usually with reference to the penis.
get your bratwurst out of my can, silly.

Hinnerk (who happens to be German) rather enjoys a juicy bratwust at supper time.

- "Hinnerk??" - "YEEEEESSSS???" - "you are such a damn bratwurst" - "SPOOME"
by g-unit July 02, 2003
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