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This is where a person(usually a parent) uses a child to aid them with directions, usually to the child's friends house. This tends to be in a car when a parent is dropping off multiple children they are only slightly familiar with and need to be reminded where the children live. This normally involves missed turns, lots of " I THINK its this way", "that was the way" and the occasional " no its not here"
Parent:"So where do we go next?"
Child: " Oh That was the turning we should have taken"
Child 2:" Oh you missed it"
Parent: " Arrgh the Bratnav is running slow"

Parent 1:" Can you drop Lilly home, I have a full car?"
Parent 2:" Err yes but its been a while since we went there I guess i'll have to use the Bratnav to remind me where she lives."
by Frandango July 05, 2012

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