Putting on a round, brass, clown nose, then sticking it up a person's ass while licking their taint.

A Reverse Brass Clown is sticking the nose in a woman's cooter while licking her ass.

Basically, it's sticking and licking.

The term was invented by J.A. Konrath in his book Cherry Bomb. Any other brass clown definitions are false, and were stolen from Konrath.
I put on my metal nose and gave that guy the best brass clown he ever had.


She was so into the brass clown, I lost the nose inside her and had to fish it out with a magnet.
by mcglade August 25, 2010
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When you're getting a blow job from a hooker and right after you cum on her face you punch her in the nose/facial area with brass knuckles.

Usually will get you shot or arrested.
Dude: "What did you do last night bro?"
Bro: "Shit, I got a hooker with an attitude so I ended up giving her a brass clown."
Dude: "Won't that shit get you arrested?!"
Bro: "Not if you hide the bitch somewhere it isn't."
by Red Ghost July 31, 2009

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