A generic middle-school to high-school girl who is so incredibly rude, obnoxious, and inane, that one is forced to group her with all the rest of similarly-behaving adolescent women. Many such females are named "Ashley" or "Brittany," hence "Brashley."
I can't believe that Brashley. What's her deal? I insulted her and she just laughs. What a whore!
by Daniel January 28, 2004
Top Definition
Two best friends that met in private school and have stayed best friends since. They are usually blonde, amazing and funny. They are almost always nice and do almost everything together. The name is the combination of "Brittany and Ashley".
Hey dude!" "Hey!" "Do you know Brashley?" "No, I don't" "You gotta meet them, they are amazing!" "Oh damnnn, I will!
by akjdfb February 18, 2011
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