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An abbreviation for membrane. Branes can be in any dimension up to eleven. They are the basis of the M-Theory, the leading Theory of Everything. If we take a cross-section of an eleven-dimensional membrane, we obtain a ten-dimensional string. A string is therefore a one-brane.
One theory is that our universe was created by two branes smashing into each other.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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A reference to the showmance between Britney Haynes and Lane Elenburg who were on the 12th season of the reality show Big Brother (US). A combination of their two names.
I <3 Brane, they would make a cute couple.
by CaliColdShot September 09, 2010
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Brane- adj- to reach a deadly point of intoxication
"Dude I got so Brane last night! I chipped my fuckin tooth on a beer bottle!"
by So Brane July 03, 2014
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A brain, especially when one is feeling dense or mentally exhausted.
This horrible document, it hurts my brane.
by acequejesache December 27, 2009
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verb: "to brane" - to do, say, or think the same thing as someone else, typically at exactly the same time (but this isn't required).

noun (1): "a brane" - an act of braneing (also exclamatory: "brane!", shouted when a brane occurs)

noun (2): "the brane" - within a close-knit group, the "collective consciousness" of all people who know about braneing and brane with each other on a regular basis; one's own brain

The term "brane" began within a small group of friends online who always ended up posting the exact same thing to message boards at the same time, which eventually led to one person changing the spelling of "brain" to "the brane" to create a unique in-joke in reference to the people involved "sharing one brane". It grew into other forms from there and has since also spread to a few small non-internet groups.

At least one other group started a very, very similar idea called "the brain" around the same time and completely independently (which in itself is a "brane", one could say).
v. "OMG I totally just braned with this book I'm reading!"
"Me and my mum seriously braned this morning."

n(1). "Was that a brane?" ... "Yeah, dude! Brane!"

n(2). "The brane shall conquer all!!"
"I have way too much homework tonight; the brane is sooo ded."
by em reich October 04, 2006
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