A really lovable person, who is the kindest person you will ever meet. He has a big heart, but he's also really hot. All the girl want to be with him.
Wow that guy's a Brandon.

No you're not cool enough to be a Brandon.
by onereasontostaypositive March 21, 2013
biggest 2-faced lying asshole you will ever meet. If you meet a brandon, walk away immediately. He is the scum of the earth and the worst person you will ever meet. This name is another name for satan, if you fall in love with a brandon you will go to hell and be cursed.
Girl: im love in love with brandon

by TheLuchalor December 06, 2012
A brandon is a self centered lying dick. He usually acts like the sweetest guy, and like a "different type of usual guys" when really he is just a lying piece of shit. brandons have horrible acne, and really small dicks. they think they are the coolest people in the world, and fool everyone till they realize how wrong that is, and he ends up alone everytime. he is alone cause he brings it upon himself he lies, and is uses people. he is a cheater, and a piece of shit. he acts like the biggest badass in the world because he is on probation, he constantly reminds you how "bad his drug use used to be" when all in all he is a poser and the biggest pussy in the world. he is cheater, and a theif. he takes really depressed girls and ends up only caring about himself, hurting them and then leaves not giving a shit, a brandon is someone who will get hurt everyday of his life once people realize the truth,a brandon is someone who will soon get a taste of his own medicine.
"do you see that guy over there who looks like a giant piece of shit"

"oh hey look its brandon"
by ihatebrandon December 04, 2012
A synonym of Dwarf Dolphin,

To be called a Brandon is to be EXTREMELY talented at the electric guitar. To also have an undeniable love for Iron Maiden and men.
Man that Brandon is amazing, he wrote Ice Fall!

You...Dwarf dolphin!
by Dr blank January 01, 2012
By far one of the awesomest guys you'll ever meet. Speaks Swedish, Retardish, and English. Supringsly cute for a Chinese guy .D!!! Really fun to hang around, and extremely hilarious though sometimes his epic donkey/hyeena laugh is way funnier then his jokes. Able to make you smile, even at times when it seems like that's the last thing you'd ever be able to do. Likes to have dance parties in closets with unicorns and somehow the unicorns and him are able to dance to songs by Skillet and says "KIN'S SO SMALL!!!" every five seconds.
Definately a person worth spending your time with.
Brandon: Oh hey can I borrow some notes for tommorow's test?
Drake: Yeah sure definatel-
Brandon: KIN'S SO SMALL!!!
by TheUnicornStealer December 12, 2011
"Why did you push me down the stairs..? "
""Because it was funny.."
"come on... don't be a Brandon"
by lalalaalalal1231230 December 31, 2011
a guy that you will fall in love with, then break up with you for another girl. then he will hate YOU for some fucked up reason, but you can't help but think about him all the time and still love him and want him to love you agean but you still tell your friends that you hate his fucking brain cells because he is a dubm bastard, but lie about hating him, because you dont want your friends to get you over him.
by say what i wanna what now!! September 29, 2011
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