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When a women has side affects similar to the pain felt by eating ice cream too fast, when she is giving filagio.
"Suck my dick bitch...... oh shit i gots brain skeeze"
by MarkyBoii February 04, 2009
Like brain freeze when one eats or drinks a frozen food or beverage too fast and they feel a suddennly painful sensation, brainskeeze is in reference to when a girl or fag sucks a dick too fast and takes in too much skeeze(sperm,skeet, giz, etc.) in which she will too feel that same startling painful sensation as experienced with brainfreeze.
Man: "Ah yeah baby suck that dick for daddy!"

Woman or fag: "Hmmm...Hmmm oh no... not again... I was suckin the dick too fast... oh shit! (clutches forehead in pain) it hurts I gots brainskeeze, oh shit it hurts ima hoe ima bitch!"
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