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1. A puzzle game originating in 1987 for the Amiga computer - consisting of shuffled picture pieces of arbitrary size which needed to be shifted back to their correct places to solve the puzzle.

2. Any activity requiring concentration that is so mind-numbingly repetitive that your ability to think is adversely affected (see also above)

3. A proposition so wild, implausible or difficult that it defies comprehension. Precedes a Brain Tilt

4. A (supposedly) very difficult puzzle, riddle or problem
Brainscrambler is a puzzle game

Doing a tax return can rapidly become a brainscrambler

The global warming debate is a real brainscrambler.

Thinking about you sleeping with me is a brainscrambler.

Radio "Win a free X by solving this afternoon's brainscrambler"

by rivitoz March 29, 2009

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When you penetrate someone's ear with you wang and it goes out the other side, and that leaves the victim cross-eyed.
Stacy has to permanently look at her nose since I gave her a Brain Scrambler.
by Butch Setiah October 14, 2004