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The act of getting a brain freeze from a slushie, while getting a blow job.
Dude, my girl totally gave me a brain job last night
by Synyster Stallone November 08, 2010
When someone blows your mind.
Person 1: "Yeah frank works at McDonalds now."
Person 2: "Didn't he graduate from medical school like 2 years ago?"
Person 1: "Yeah, but the whole divorce thing..."
Person 2: "Wow you just gave me a brainjob."
by 7ruth November 19, 2007
The act of getting a brain freeze during a blowjob
hey, baby wanna give me a brain job
by Synyster Stallone November 09, 2010
A girl or guy who is an excessive oral sex giver and that may take money for his or her deeds or not.
That girl is such a brain job.
by Robbby ottss February 10, 2009