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Braille Job: (1) Giving digital or oral stimulation (fallaching) to a male counterpart who has such a small member that if you were blind it would be like reading the little bumps that compose the Braille alphabet.

This also works with:

(2) Giving digital or oral stimulation to a female's very, very small breasts.
"Ohh Molly Sue...that fine gentleman I took home last night was not packing much south of the border...I totally had to Braille Job him."

see also:

"Girl...Joaquin has the tiniest mangina I've ever seen...I totally had to Braille that shit up.

see also:

"Hey Henry! I was just with Aquanetta last night! I was rounding second base but I ran into a problem! Her milk sacks were so tiny I had to do a total braille job on them"
#brailling it up #braille #brail #blind #handjob #blowjob #fallacio #fallach #mangina #small
by The AMAZON QUEEN! August 20, 2009
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