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Driving along the dotted lines, shoulder or reflector bumps, as though the tires were reading them, like a blind person reading braille. See also pac-manning
Dude, watch out for that car ahead of us, he's totally braille driving!
by Mis May 04, 2007
The art of driving totally by feel.

If someone is reversing out of a driveway and scrapes the whole length of the car along the fence they are said to be 'braille driving'.

Other examples are reversing in to posts or poles - once the driver hits the pole they know to stop.

Braille driving while parallel parking is achieved by running the tyres along the kerb or bumping in to the car behind or in front.

Any sort of driving that involves putting scrapes, dings, dents or bingles on the vehicle is considered to be braille driving.

Anything larger than a scrape, ding, dent or bingle is known as 'Advanced Braille Driving'.
"What are all those dings in your car"?

"I have been practising my braille driving"
by MrsMeat January 27, 2012
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